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Eyelashes Set and Touch up

Lux Classic Partial Eyelashes Extension Set

45 minutes 40/50 Lashes per Eye.
Half set to give you first fling. Ideal for clients with very few lashes, first time or who just want a quick pick me up.

Price: $85

Top Up from an existing Partial Set to a Full Set.You can always upgrade the Set of lashes at a later date.Most be done whithin 10 days of your Partial Set

 Price: $100

Luxury Lash Classic Eyelashes Extensions Set

90 minutes(unlimited lash count)
Complete Full Set.
This one time investment will not leave you disappointed. You will have the fullest lashes and still look like you were born with them! Show stoppers! 100+ lashes per eye.

Price: $150.00

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions!!!

Russian Volume is the technique of adding multiple eyelash extensions to one single natural eyelash to create depth, volume, and texture utilizing the  Lash Calculator to calculate accurate design opportunities

2D/5D  Russian Volume Natural Full Set $250


Refills: 1 Week $30
Refills: 8 to 13 Days $40
Refills: 14 to 21 Days $55
Refills: 22 to 28 Days $65
Refills: 29 to 36 Days $75

Russian Volume Refills

Refills: Russian Volume  1 to 13 Days $80

Refills: Russian Volume  14 to 21 Days $100

Refills: Russian Volume  22 to 28 Days $140

Refills: Russian Volume  29 to 36 Days $180

Lash Lift

(lash perm) $75.00

Eyelash Tinting $ 20
Eyebrows Tinting $ 20
Eyelashes Extensions Removal $ 25